Our services are provided through a qualified and registered Debt Counsellor in terms of the Section 86 of the National Credit Act (NCA). The Act was promulgated to regulate the Credit Providers, Credit Bureau and Debt Counsellors in order to protect the consumer in a way to prevent unfair credit and the credit market practices, responsible credit granting and provision of restructuring their finances in the right manner and to be a debt free society.


Assessing over indebtedness and debt counselling

We assess a client's level of indebtedness free of charge. This is to ensure that we do not incorrectly diagnose a client and place them under debt counselling whereas they actually need financial advice.

Based on assessment results, we place over indebted clients under Debt Review.

Rescission of Judgements

Rescission of Administration orders

Educate employees and employers by means of workshops and seminars at your workplace on Debt assistance, Debt council practises and the credit bureau as well as the new credit act.

We have an electronic signature system which you can use to sign your application forms. All you need is a touch screen phone to sign and submit.


We going to send you an sms or email link (if the email is linked to the phone) to sign your application forms. To assist you in signing we need to call you on an alternative number because you cannot sign while you're on the call.


Note: We call the client immediately!


Signing Instructions

  • Open the sms.
  • Take down the OTP number.
  • Select the link .e.g. https://i-docs...
  • punch in the OTP number and press verify.
  • Sign inside the box. DO NOT SIGN OVER ANY LINES.
  • Make sure that the signature is clear before you submit. If the signature is not clear, press clear and start resign.
  • Once you have submitted your signature, you can also take a picture of your supporting documents (Id, Payslip, Proof of residence, Bank statement etc) and submit on the same link. Please ensure that all pictures are clear and that they fit to the screen of the camera


[We also need the spouses I.D copy and Payslip if it’s a joint application]



We at ImaliSave aim to provide you with:

Correct information according to the National Credit Act

Quality and friendly service.

We aim to keep you and the creditors happy.

We will ensure the information provided by the client is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

We at ImaliSave will be assisting you with your creditors,

If you are

Receiving calls from your creditors regarding payments.

Not able to meet your living expenses

Worried about your creditors taking legal action.

If you answered yes to the above then ImaliSave is your answer.

How does debt counselling work?

We at ImaliSave negotiate with your credit providers for lower affordable instalments as well as lower interest rates based on your affordability.

Take away the burden of having to deal with your credit providers.

Ensure that you are then able to meet your monthly living expenses.

Help you to become debt free


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